Italian and Armenian cities: what is their color

Cities, travelling, architecture, colors….
Have we even thought that some cities look alike, maybe it’s not by chance that they are, maybe there is similarity of the spirit and the history that describes these cities.

I just asked my friends by which color they would describe this or that city of Armenia and Italy.

Then I grouped the Armenian and Italian ones under 1,2 color coincidence.

This is what I got:

Roma Yerevan

Goris images (2)



  • Ijevan and Venice are yellow, though Venice is famous as transparent as well!




  • Jermuk, Bolzano and Dilijan are green, because of the forested area, but Dilijan is also brown, because of the wooden houses 🙂

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA38959564tufenkian-old-dilijan

77_fullartashat-1327827473_500 6086_1


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