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Batman in the city

Yesterday: on 27th of September some of the world’s DC lovers were celebrating Batman’s day. Who is Batman? Batman is one of the core characters of DC (detective comics) world, first appeared in May 1939, in the 27th episode. The character was created by Bill Finger and Bob Kane, who were both comic writers. Batman got … More Batman in the city

J. A. C. K.

It’s funny to know that thousands of years ago people thought that the world finishes with the horizon… It’s funny that now we know how big is this world and how small it is at the same time… It’s so nice to be able to share thoughts about a person who now lives thousands of … More J. A. C. K.

People are awesome

Friday. I went to the Lover’s park in the center of Yerevan. I do go there frequently, but this was a special visit. I was bringing clothes that are in a good state, but are forgotten by me and need to find new owners… Very good friends: Arthur and Aida, have made up their mind … More People are awesome

Our private worlds

World would be so much rich if every single person had the chance to have his/her own place, own walls and own ceiling. It would be rich with personal stuff, personal kitchens in which all the people would create their own recipes of life style)) I have been wondering about this for a while and … More Our private worlds

How to be a right protester: 10 tips from Armenians

Hey! These days local and international media blow up with articles about protests against electricity price rise in Armenia. The protests started long ago, but finally people managed to take under their control one of the main avenues of Yerevan: Baghramyan avenue on which there are situated many important buildings such as the National Assemby … More How to be a right protester: 10 tips from Armenians

Ես սկսում եմ դրանից, որովհետև ես 80 տարեկան բիձա եմ: Ես սկսում եմ այդ բառից, որովհետև ես սիրում եմ ջահելներին, իսկ ջահելներն ինձ բիձա են ասում: Ես սկսում եմ վերևի՜ց ու իջնում հասնում ամենատակը: Ես սկսում եմ խոսել, որովհետև ուզում եմ պատմել: Ես սկսում եմ պատմել, որովհետև զգում եմ, որ վերջս եկել է: Ես սկսում … More