Exploring Germany: Cologne, Dusseldorf and Gruiten

Being a dreamer is much about me and I have always had some really strange ones, some of them were just not appropriate.

Once I just decided to make one of them come true. It was about writing a blog-post about women and things inside their purses. Yeap, people agreed to help me with that and opened their bags for exploration…
See the original blog-post HERE.

Couldn’t I imagine that this blog-post will also be the one, which will help me to win a competition and to travel to Germany (another little dream btw).

So yes, after a while I found myself in this huge and green country (that’s what I thought while looking outside from the plane’s window). Yes, it was huge and it was truly different from the country that I live in. It was not only a different world, but it also had other worlds inside. Let me just introduce them one by one.


  • Such a strange city with a tragic history, the only remaining architectural marvel is the Kölner Dom (1248 – 1473 / unfinished), which is spectacular and can be seen from almost all the parts of the city. Other buildings in the city are mostly constructed or renewed after WWII. Some of them are indeed beautiful, some of them are just practical.
  • It’s much fun, that the city has a chocolate museum, where you can see how the chocolate is grown and distributed. Not surprising that among European countries the biggest consumers and producers of chocolate are Germany and Switzerland.
  • Another nice thing is the street life of Cologne. Unlike other German cities, Cologne is awake even after midnight, youth is going from pubs to pubs and in this Christmas season they even gather outside in the Christmas Markets and enjoy themselves in the frosty air.
  • Pubs are special attraction to talk about and to make comparison with. They are all non-smoking. I mean even if 90 % of the visitors are smokers, they keep the pub’s air clean and just go out for 5 minutes to smoke and come back. Really nice thing to learn.
  • Complicated, but anyway comfortable transport. I am not sure, whether even after coming back to Armenia I understood the difference between metro and tram in Cologne. 😀


Famous for it’s student life and curly buildings, Dusseldorf attracted my eyes.

  • Here I could already feel the German architecture, the differences between buildings, their styles and epochs they represented. I loved the colors of the older buildings, the narrow streets and the contrast with the new skyscrapers and really huge free spaces near the river Rhine.
  • Dusseldorf is a city of contrast between the day and the night. It is crowdy and noisy during the day and empty and silent during the night. I think it’s because there are so many students and tourists there that have time to walk around and have fun during the day and need to have rest for the next day to come.
  • I loved the special brewery with the local beer production: Uerige. It was the first time I felt this real German spirit of beer lovers and makers. It was fun to see that almost all the visitors were mid age and upper and were in couples enjoying the tasty dark beer, watching how it is made (yes, you could also follow the whole process of beer making) and eating this raw meet paninies (btw very tasty, very-very).
  • It was in Dusseldorf, that I understood I do not have any phobia from height. Yeap, we climbed up the Rheinturm or simply Rhine tower, which is a 240.5 meter high telecommunications tower and stopped at 170 meters, where there is the observation deck. Here I was told that it’s possible to lay down on the leaning glasses and watch the whole city under my body. It was F A N T A S T I C! ))))))


A medieval German village. A MEDIEVAL GERMAN VILLAGE. What else to say? It was like from a fairy tale you know.

  • Houses, nature, colors, weather…., atmosphere. Strangely calm feeling that you are in a nicely covered Christmas Snow Globe and there is somebody, who will now shake it and you will fly in sky without gravity. 🙂
  • People, people and people… it’s truly amazing how a couple can host almost strangers to their house and make them feel as if it’s their own house. How they manage to cover up with a blanket of happiness and tenderness during just a couple of hours.
  • Kunst, Kunst, Kunst… (“Kunst” is “Art” translated from German). I have never seen any other studio like that. Each detail is counted and makes the place amazingly beautiful. Staying there for a longer time than some hours, you would probably quite your job and start painting.

12391921_1118261828185830_7203253703234674451_nFuf….such a flow of emotions and memories… will try to have a continuation after a while…. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Exploring Germany: Cologne, Dusseldorf and Gruiten

  1. Love it! Especially the chocolate museum experience and laying down on the leaning glasses of a high tower. That must be truly amazing! 😉

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