What is hidden inside a girl’s bag?

There are certain things forbidden in the present society, like asking the age of woman or looking up inside somebody’s private stuff.

Have you ever dreamed of breaking this rule? I did )) I was so much curious what girls hide in their bags, that I dared to ask them to show all to me. So here they are! Enjoy!

Anna Katharina Meyer | Düsseldorf, Germany

Anna is an active blogger, who fights for the environment and writes about different topics connected to it. In her bag you can find a purse brought from India and made from material of a used rice bag and a Fairphone: designed with minimal harm to environment and people. She has wooden glasses and she is fond of travelling (passport, camera and a special Swiss guidebook).

Anna's bag

Iluta Krūmiņa | Riga, Latvia

Iluta: a trainer, a social psychologist and a mother of 2 girls. Her free time she presents to theater life. She is active, energetic and also a travel lover (passport, a wine map of Georgia, magnets from Turkey). She keeps with her a present, a little violet sack in which there is an elephant and a bracelet. Indians believe that it gives luck! 

Iluta's bag

Gunel Nagieva | Baku, Azerbaijan

A bank worker from Baku, who has much more to give, than the accurateness and punctuality. She is a girl, who loves jewelry, jewelry and again ))) She is the green color, the openness and she has a huge love towards owls, one of which is also green. Perfume is what she values much and a big purse with many-many cards.

Gunel's bag

Mariam Mania | Tbilisi, Georgia

Mariam, a student who loves languages and music. She keeps checking the time and always has a notepad to write things in it. Sunglasses are just for sunny weather in Tbilisi and there is a little sack with mint, a present from a trainer from Latvia. 😉 Funny to see the phone condition, you can imagine how she managed to drop it and break.

Mariam's bag

Lilit Petrosyan | Armenia

Her bag is full of useless stuff, she just believes, that she will use them one day. She has a knife, again just in case…she loves music and good smells, she always keeps her pad for drawing and pencils. She loves to have everything, even hygiene stuff wrapped in colorful covers.

pietra's bag

So what conclusion I would put here, is that you can learn much about a woman, when checking inside her bag. Even more than she would allow you to see. You’ll be able to see Anna’s affection towards her boyfriend, by the napkin with “Gero” written on it. You’ll be able to state, that no matter what age women are, were are they from, what nationality and religion they have (or not have at all) they are all women, who love certain things, who care for certain things and who all want their lips to be soft…

I guess you have also noticed, that all the captured bags had lip-balms inside… 😉 

Let’s continue and send me images from your bags, too.


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