DigiTec Expo 2015: the technological Big Bang of Armenia

What is DigiTec Expo?

An international High-Tech exhibition which is held in Yerevan, Armenia for already 10 years, starting from 2005 and hosts mostly technological companies and links them to the business consumers and the society.

In other words a three-days fest (October 02 – 04, 2015) for geeks and generally tech world lovers and interested people.


Where is DigiTec held?

DigiTec is held in the beautiful new building of Mergelyan Institute, which has a famous tech history.



What could you see, listen, play in DigiTec Expo 2015?

DigiTec shows how incredible children who study in tech field can be and how many fun, nice, interesting, surprising ideas they have.

  • Like robots made from Lego pieces:


  • Like video games:


And other…

Besides children, there are lots of adults, exhibiting their successful projects and inspiring thousands of people there.
I will choose just a few of them and describe, because you know this blog-post would become a novel, if I wrote about all the companies represented there.

“SHADOWMATIC” by Triada Studio

Triada Studio is a modern post-production company, which was founded in 1993 in Yerevan, Armenia. The company is mainly focused on creating VFX for films, commercials and television industries, but they have also managed to create a game, which became Editor’s Choice on the App Store worldwide just after its release!


“PicsArt Photo Studio”: a photo editor and art community

Starting from 2005, you can find in your device store a new app called “PicsArt Photo Studio”, which is a nice tool for people who like photography, drawing, design and artistic communities. PicsArt is being downloaded in all over the world and has been recognized as Editor’s choice (in App Store) and Featured (in Play Store), not once in a while.

Stay, tuned, download PicsArt and beautify the world with us!

pssst …that’s where I work! Yeah! PicsArt!



՚After using apps and going through technology, you need your eyes to be treated well.

“Eye care Plus” comes to help to test, train, play and learn for better vision.

This app is personally used by me, who has vision problems. This is just a great thing for people like me, it helps to train aye muscles, to relax and heal eyes.


Some other pictures and brief descriptions, which will give idea about other projects represented at DigiTec Expo 2015.

Some serious chess guys creating and testing chess analytic systems.


Some colorful booths


Glimpses of history


Cloudy weather


Serious calls


And my favorite “tech item”: Kochar’s sculpture


Pictures are taken by a phone, a very good one :D, still phone.
The heroes of the photo-shoot are mainly my niece and nephew, who are geeks! )))


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