J. A. C. K.

It’s funny to know that thousands of years ago people thought that the world finishes with the horizon…
It’s funny that now we know how big is this world and how small it is at the same time…
It’s so nice to be able to share thoughts about a person who now lives thousands of kilometers away, but years ago he shared the same neighborhood with you. He shared the work you did together, the life you lived, the thoughts, the moments, memories and energy…

Vanadzor People

I met Jack in Ijevan, while I was on my first training for trainers and he was there like a Santa haha, from a US movie or cartoon. I was surprised how beautiful can a person’s inner world be, how beautifully he can deal with people. But we had no chance to talk much.
There came the time, we started our own project with him: in Dilijan.

Dilijan is like a hometown for me, I’ve spent my summer holidays there and I thought I am pretty much acquainted with that place, but…. ))))
As time passed, I understood that everybody knows Jack in Dilijan…Everybody!! We were walking by the streets and there were hundreds of people who greeted him, shaked hands with him and talked to him like to the best relative or neighbor… I was shocked, it was a pleasure to see how an American can be so much IN the life of an Armenian town, how much he cares about this people, how much he loves them, how much he enjoys being here… )))

Vanadzor People

I remember once, he went to a shop to buy some ice-cream for us, we were waiting for about 20 minutes and then he came back with a red nose and smiling….he drank some vodka with the shop owners, haha, just couldn’t refuse…

I remember his place in Dilijan, a cozy flat, with many many hippy and Buddhist stuff, with Indian rugs, with lots of books and pencils and quotes and statuettes… a little balcony, where once we set, it was raining, tea was ready and we were talking about some out of mind stuff… like you can talk only with some special people who are out of everydayness, out of space and material, who dream, who think, who reflect….:)))

Anahit, Jack and me

Once Jack came to stay at my place in Musaler and watch the final soccer match between Holland and Spain if I am not mistaken. He watched with my father, than we went to sleep and in the morning mama waked me up and told that she can’t find Jack in the house…. haha… I said mom, don’t worry, he is probably meditating, we went out to our yard and found him meditating )) it was great and fun for my parents, a very new thing… 🙂
Jack tought me to many things, to be calm, to be wise, to be strong and these are not just words, I really remember every single advice he gave to me and I remember his tears, his laughter, his sadness and joy and i am glad to know him, I am glad to call me my second Dad, because he really is…Jack, you are an amazing person, you are an AMAZING PERSON! )))) Thanks for everything!


Pictures are taken in Vanadzor, where we were seeing Jack off to America …. )))


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