People are awesome

Friday. I went to the Lover’s park in the center of Yerevan. I do go there frequently, but this was a special visit.
I was bringing clothes that are in a good state, but are forgotten by me and need to find new owners…
Very good friends: Arthur and Aida, have made up their mind to realize a very, very kind and awesome idea.


What is it? You would ask from the first look at it.
This is a metallic wardrobe, which holds people’s kindness, care and love towards others. This is a wardrobe in which you can come and leave clothes, shoes and toys that you don’t use, but that can be used by families in need.
The wardrobe was made by some very good masters from Dilijan, Tavush region and brought to the capital. It will be kept in the Lover’s park till the end of the year probably.


During this period all who want to bring more things can just come and leave them here.
Every 2 weeks or so, these amazing guys will collect the stuff, wash and give to the needy families in Tavush.


This is Aida’s project, which is being realized with the help of Awesome foundation, which gives grants to the most creative and humanitarian projects.


By the way the first 20 people, who came to support the project received special gifts from Aida. I was one of these lucky ones. 😛


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