Our private worlds

World would be so much rich if every single person had the chance to have his/her own place, own walls and own ceiling. It would be rich with personal stuff, personal kitchens in which all the people would create their own recipes of life style)) I have been wondering about this for a while and decided to make some interviews with people who live in this big family called South Caucasus, but who managed to create their own private corners by just starting to live separately from their parents. Let’s learn about three of them.

Tigran, 27 years old, lives alone in Yerevan. I started to live alone as soon as I entered the university in the age of 16. At first it was hard, but so as I changed my place and came to Yerevan, there were so many new friends who were coming to party the whole night, I wasn’t feeling alone at all. Now I am so very much used to it, that I even can’t live with my own parents. At first the only thing I could cook was omelet, but now I am making some

Tea on the terrace

delicious pastas etc.)) Living alone is great because you can come home drunk at 4 o’clock in the morning and not feel ashamed in front of your parents. It has also a disadvantage, whenever you remember a funny joke and wanna tell somebody, there is nobody around.)) It’s good to have a girlfriend, when you live alone, you cook for her, you drink wine together, it feels good.)) I have been living in France while studying, so now some of my classmates sometimes come to Armenia and stay at my place, that’s really cool. There was a time when we were partying at my place all the time, but I gave up, because it was always my duty t o clean the house after. 😀

Toilet arrangements

Sometimes it’s really hard, you need to throw the garbage, clean the house etc. I have tried to live with a roommate, but it’s not for me, I like tidiness all around, but you can’t make people be like you, so it’s better to have your own space and live there by your own rules.

Sabina, 26 years old, lives alone in Baku. I started to live alone when I was 17, but my family wasn’t strict at all. My mom was always on my side, she had much more trust in me than mothers generally have and therefor she would allow more to me. The conflict started between me and my sister who is much older than me and had this the-only-child complex. We were hanging out with the same guy, who once asked me to marry him.

Home interior

Parents of course were against an early marriage, so we just decided to leave, yeah romantic, isn’t it?)) Then we got married and lived together for 3 years. Of course then we got divorced, because you know marrying your first boyfriend, whom you knew 2 months before isn’t a great idea.)) After it I just couldn’t go back and live with my parents, cause I was already used to being the chief in my house. It’s obvious that there are many pluses in living alone.

Home interior

Without it I wouldn’t become the one that I am now, I wouldn’t be so much independent and autonomous as I am now, I wouldn’t trust myself so much. I have learned how to save money, I was even keeping some excel files (didn’t help though)) and than I started to clearly know what to buy more and what not to buy at all. I had the chance to start my own nutrition. I don’t think that at my parents’ I could start eating healthy food. I learned how to cook for myself. Not just cooking, but cooking for me – it’s maybe the greatest pleasure, which helps us to love ourselves. If there was no my own flat, my friends wouldn’t come to me and we wouldn’t have the chance to talk, solve problems and wouldn’t become so close as we are now.


There are disadvantages as there are in just being lonely. Of course sometimes you want everything to be done for you, you want some caring, everything to be posed on a tray. But it’s a world of compensations and there are always two sides of a thing. You need to pay by labor and patience for your freedom. I truly believe that every person should start living separately at least when he is 20. Because world is all like being in love – either there are only two or there are this advice and interruption stuff which at the end give bad results. You need to talk alone with the world.

Nino, 30 years old, lives alone in Tbilisi. Everything started when my parents decided to go for living abroad. I was then finishing my school and after long discussions my parents decided to leave me here. I wanted to study in Tbilisi, stay with my friends, so from 17 I started to live alone (now I’m 30). The first 3-4 years my relatives were living with me, Then step by step they left the house and after a while I started to live alone, but there was also my friend who came to live with me, I stayed with her for 3 years as well, than she got married and left.

Retro music

It’s already like 3-4 years that I live all alone, there are many friends coming to me, but I live alone, I can’t say that I feel loneliness, I go to work in the morning and come back late in the evening.)) When I was a student, all days were partying, many many friends gathering, sometimes we were drinking till morning)) but as years passed this also changed, there is no more will fore this hang outs 🙂 now, like once a month I like to call 3-4 friends and prepare table with wine for them :).

Cups and cookies

What about advantages and disadvantages, I anyway think that there are more advantages )) There is nobody to control when I come home, tidy my home, wash the dishes or not. Besides it I have learned how to spend money… my mom always says that she is worried about my future, because she thinks I am used to living alone, and will not be able to share my place with anybody else, I don’t think so though) but at the moment for being totally happy I don’t care whether I share the cup of coffee or breakfast or i have it alone 🙂

These people made me think a lot…
Wish you good luck and thanks for great interviews! :)))


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