Thoughts about Tbilisi

When walking by the streets of Tbilisi you feel as if it’s a new home, you don’t have the sensation of being a foreigner, because you know, why the hell you Armenian should feel as a foreigner in Georgia )))
but there is this little sensation of being alone, being apart from the everyday life of Tbilisi people.


This is maybe one of the best feelings I have ever had, it feels like l am out of all kind of everydayness, i have no problems, no questions, no…. nothing. I am just what I am, while I walk by the streets of this city.


I breath in and I breath out, l do it to absorb the life there, the one that is not mine, like i would do to remember the smell of a lover, who is mine only for a night, who will be gone with the first rays of the sun…


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