How to be a right protester: 10 tips from Armenians

Hey! These days local and international media blow up with articles about protests against electricity price rise in Armenia. The protests started long ago, but finally people managed to take under their control one of the main avenues of Yerevan: Baghramyan avenue on which there are situated many important buildings such as the National Assemby and Presindential residence. It’s already the fifth day that a part of the avenue is closed and protesters remain there, they even sleep on the street during the night.

Of course the story started with violent actions of police, spraying machine and hundreds of arrested people, who then where set free and came back haha.

But my article is not about violence, it’s about our creativity in activism.

So what to do while you are protesting in Armenian style:

1. Be prepared for spraying machines, rain and other watery stuff like that: 


2. Be phisically active: dance, play football, yoga, morning exercises:



3. Keep the protest territory clean:


4. Be involved and make sure others also get involved:


5. Take care of each other:  

6. Use your brain and imagination:


7. Consolidate the forces on the whole territory of the republic: 

8. Share all you have: 

9. Be brave:

protest Armeniaprotest protest
10. And simply don’t hesitate to get rid of an office where people do not encourage you to participate in the protests. They don’t deserve to have an employee like you!!! 

Thanks for reading, continue following THE BESTEST peaceful protest of all times.


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