On the road to happyness

“Every path is a right path.”

 From Mr. Nobody

When a person is born, all the other world works on the thing that this person can find a road to his life. This findings can be described in a different way in different nations.

I would like to give an example of Armenian tradition of choosing the right path for a child. Starting from the day that the child gets his/her first tooth we celebrate this with “helping” him to understand what profession would he choose: putting some tools of different professions in front of him and waiting while he chooses one of them. Experience notes that in most of the cases it works and the child truly chooses the profession the tool of which he has taken during this ceremony.

But do you think this is right? To make somebody to choose even when he is unconscious to do so…

I would definitely say NO.

We are not the ones to make others choose. Each of us has the freedom to be free in its decisions and important paths he takes.


On the other hand we are not also the ones who can choose their own paths, their own roads, they own prerias by which we want to run like wild mustangs…

Here it’s good to give a little definition about what does determinism and in-determinism philosophical branches say:

Determinism is a metaphysical philosophical position stating that for everything that happens there are conditions such that, given those conditions, nothing else could happen. “There are many determinisms, depending upon what pre-conditions are considered to be determinate of an event.”

In-determinism, or also called non-determinism is the opposite philosophical branch, which states for the fact that the man is the center of the universe and all the decisions and everything that happens is always ruled by him.

As for me there is a middle between these two, because if we say that we choose because we are the homo sapience and we have that ability to choose, so others also choose.That means that we always affect on each other. We choose them, they choose us, “Some of them want to abuse you, some of them want to be abused by you” etc. So sometimes we are the ones who rule, sometimes we are the ones who are ruled.

You would complain and say that you never want to be ruled…

Of course, I agree, but sometimes it’s better to be ruled to have no obligations, isn’t it?

Here we pass on the matter of being free or not.
To be free and choose the right paths is always a good thing, but not everyone is ready to take this step.
Because the more you are free, the more decisions you make, the more responsibilities you have.
But living without responsibilities it’s much easier, then with them…
Having an easy way to live than the hard one.

Having passed a little part of my life I can say only one phrase about the road of my life,
the one that I choose day by day, moment by moment:

“It’s very easy to follow the hard way, because it’s too hard to find the easy way…”

Just to conclude everything and following the small tradition, I would like to say:

“Don’t blame yourself every  time you are not able  to choose, every  time you hesitate. It’s more than normal.
You know why? Because you are not only one. You were born from two: your mother  and  father.
And  they  were  also  born  from  two:  their mothers  and  fathers.
And they also…  so  on and  so  forth.  So  you are  infinite,  you are  the  universe.  So  hesitate without being afraid to hesitate…”


3 thoughts on “On the road to happyness

  1. there is one thing which withholds me from believing in absolute determinism: imagination. Our imagination enables us to make decisions which are by default not the best ones and thus they could not be absolutely predetermined.

  2. Actually I can’t say smth precised, cause you know, about this theme i have thousand of ideas and sometimes they are controversial as you say…about right and at the same time wrong passes…

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